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Hello Mark,

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> On 28/11/2012 09:32, Axel Grude wrote:
>> Bump!
>> I was kind of busy the last weeks, but if you need me on the Tuesday call to decide 
>> on this I will try to attend next time.
> This doesn't need to be a meeting decision (though obviously can be raised there if 
> you want). I think as no-one is commenting, you can just take that as pretty much 
> everyone is happy.
>>> Can we have a decision on
>>> https://etherpad.mozilla.org/tb-amo-category-improvements
>>> pretty please? And would flash be under "browsing", "reading" or "misecallaneus" 
>>> ?? I think I listed them in the "To Be Discussed" list.
> I don't have any objections, the list is reasonable and I think overall we're giving 
> more options to users when they are searching.
> I think flash could be under any of those categories - but we'd probably leave it up 
> to the author to decide (i.e. we'd just get them added).
*Ok, so now that I have finalized this list,/who is in charge /of implementing it on 
the AMO site?*

I have updated

with the final list of 11 additional items:

  * Contacts {google contact, morefunction for address book, funambol}

  * Message & News Reading {Conversations, Image Zoom, LookOut, Foxy Proxy, Compact
    Header, DispMUA)

  * Folders & Filters {QuickFolders, FiltaQuilla, Quick Folder Move, Quick Filer,
    Folder Flags, Copy Sent to Current, Mail Summaries}

  * Message Composition {highlight text, signature-switch, shrunked image resizer,
    Stationery, smartTemplate4}

  * Calendar & Date / Time{Lightning, ReminderFox, FoxClocks, Sun Cult, Provider for
    Google Calendar, ThunderBirthDay}

  * Dictionaries & Language support{ Quick Translator, Quick Locale Switcher, Zombie
    Keys, Disctionary Switcher }

  * Import / Export {Password Exporter, Message Filter Import/Export,  accountex,

  * Privacy & Security{Password Exporter, EnigMail, Master Password+,..}

  * Appearance& Customization (could include addons that configure themes

  * Chat & IM {Jabberpresence, TweeQuilla, New Account Types, Additional Chat
    protocols}  [this is going to be more important in the future, even if there are
    not many extensions right now]I think we should go ahead and do it now, this might
    encourage addon developers in some form. If the category is going to be empty
    though, it wouldn't be nice.there are a few at https://addons.instantbird.orgbut I
    wouldn't bank on them being ported to TB any time soon.

  * Tags {TaQuilla, Tag Toolbar, Tb Conversations, Tags Toolbar } [Again, there are
    very few extensions,so this might not be important as a category]

  * Miscellaneus

   I suggest we leave the new categorization to the addon authors themselves. Do we 
allow listing in 2 Categories like in Firefox?


*Axel Grude* [T]
Software Developer
Thunderbird Add-ons Developer (QuickFolders, quickFilters, QuickPasswords, Zombie 
Keys, SmartTemplate4)
AMO Editor
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