Changing the time/frequency of the Status Meeting

Mark Banner mbanner at
Thu Nov 29 10:36:33 UTC 2012

As mentioned, we're suggesting that we change the time and frequency of 
the status meeting.

First of all, the time of the meeting.

If you would come regularly to a status meeting, we'd like to know when 
it is reasonable for you to be there. I've set up a doodle (warning its 
big!) with some options for times.

There's three categories of availability: Yes I can, No I can't and a 
Yes but not preferred.

*Ignore the dates* on the doodle, the important parts are the *day* and 
*times*. The doodle is here:

Secondly, the frequency of the meeting.

I think there's a few options here.

  * Keep it weekly
  * Fortnightly
  * Every Three weeks

If we went with the last option, I'd propose that we did something like 
a meeting the week after the merge weeks, and then one 3 weeks later, 
i.e. before 2 weeks before the next merge weeks. This would give us some 
opportunities to sum up from the previous merges/point releases and then 
prepare for the next merges/point releases.

What does everyone think? (use this thread for this bit of the discussion!)

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