Adding Exchange ActiveSync configs to the Mozilla ISP DB?

Kent James (mobile) kent at
Wed Nov 28 16:59:54 UTC 2012

On 11/27/2012 9:29 PM, Jim wrote:
> Exchange does have the Autodiscovery service, which we already try in 
> our code. The logic is as follows:
>  1) Check hardcoded account settings for the domain (for unit tests)
>  2) Check locally stored XML config files in Gaia for the domain
>  4) Look on the domain for an XML config file at
>     `http://autoconfig.<domain>/mail/config-v1.1.xml` and
> `http://<domain>/.well-known/autoconfig/mail/config-v1.1.xml`
>  5) Query the domain for ActiveSync Autodiscover at
>     `https://<domain>/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml` and
> `https://autodiscover.<domain>/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml`
>  6) Check the Mozilla ISPDB for an XML config file for the domain
>  7) Perform an MX lookup on the domain, and, if we get a different
>     domain, check the Mozilla ISPDB for that domain too.
> Unfortunately for us, many servers (even Microsoft-hosted ones) don't 
> support Autodiscovery. In fact, it seems that every Hotmail domain 
> other than doesn't support Autodiscovery. Thus, we need to 
> have our own autoconfig files. For the time being, we're storing them 
> locally (see step 2), but we might end up at a point where that's 
> untenable if there are too many such domains, hence my email.

You are leaving out 2 steps of Microsoft Autodiscover. Is that intentional?

One is to allow a redirect from 
autodiscover.<domain>/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml  Although I guess in 
theory that should happen automatically, I've had issues with that so I 
do this step manually myself.

A second is to lookup a DNS SRV record to find the autodiscover domain. 
This of course is a long-standing missing feature of Mozilla core code, 
and requires a separate service to implement.

These are the methods that would typically be used by someone who has 
outsourced email to a server on a different domain.


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