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> On 21-11-12 14:18 , Axel wrote:
>>> 5. do we really need the new user menu insteat of in Firefox used window buttons 
>>> (minimize, maximize and close), it is complete other then in firefox and for me 
>>> absolutly horrible!
>> You can use the setting *mail.tabs.drawInTitlebar = false* and then enable menus 
>> then everything will be back to the way it was in Thunderbird16 and before. My 
>> guess is that there wasn't enough time to produce a full-blown "Thunderbird button" 
>> (a la Firefox) that could reside in the caption bar - who knows maybe there will be 
>> one in Thunderbird24?
> To be honest, it's actually the other way around.  Firefox is going to add a menu 
> button similar to the one we now have in Thunderbird, and remove their current 
> Firefox button.  (See the right-hand side of the image at the top of this page 
> <>, 
> for example.)  So, given that this release will last us until version 24, I thought 
> it would be good to skip the (now-old) Firefox button, and just implement the next 
> iteration of the design.
> Having said that, if any of you _really_ want a Thunderbird button, I would probably 
> accept a patch that changed the look of the Menu Button to that style when people 
> dragged it into the titlebar/tabbar...
> Thanks,
> Blake.

As regards the tabs in the titlebar, I have just uploaded a little "minimal" toolbar 
button addon that helps "less technically inclined" users to toggle these modes:

"A toolbar button to remove the tabs from the Windows titlebar back to their original 
place. Provides an easy way to undo the changes introduced by Thundebird 17."

it is fairly basic at the moment, i am probably going to add some "bells & whistles" 
later... Please spread the word should you happen to support users on this issue!


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