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Thu Nov 22 15:08:05 UTC 2012

On 21-11-12 14:18 , Axel wrote:
>> 5. do we really need the new user menu insteat of in Firefox used 
>> window buttons (minimize, maximize and close), it is complete other 
>> then in firefox and for me absolutly horrible!
> You can use the setting *mail.tabs.drawInTitlebar = false* and then 
> enable menus then everything will be back to the way it was in 
> Thunderbird16 and before. My guess is that there wasn't enough time to 
> produce a full-blown "Thunderbird button" (a la Firefox) that could 
> reside in the caption bar - who knows maybe there will be one in 
> Thunderbird24?
To be honest, it's actually the other way around.  Firefox is going to 
add a menu button similar to the one we now have in Thunderbird, and 
remove their current Firefox button.  (See the right-hand side of the 
image at the top of this page 
for example.)  So, given that this release will last us until version 
24, I thought it would be good to skip the (now-old) Firefox button, and 
just implement the next iteration of the design.

Having said that, if any of you _really_ want a Thunderbird button, I 
would probably accept a patch that changed the look of the Menu Button 
to that style when people dragged it into the titlebar/tabbar...


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