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Mark Banner mbanner at mozilla.com
Thu Nov 22 10:39:37 UTC 2012

On 21/11/2012 08:52, Vincent wrote:
> I think that this GSFN user got an excellent question:
> - We know that QuickText caused Thunderbird 17 to crash since one month
> - We have a routine which check add-on compatibility after a 
> Thunderbird update
> - but we don't change QuickText compatibility in order to indicate 
> that it is not compatible with TB17!!!
> Any good reason for that?
I'm sorry, we missed resolving the issue here.

The add-on compatibility now has been changed to compatible-by-default 
(as of quite a few versions ago), though there is a way that we can mark 
specific add-ons as incompatible - I'm asking the question for the 
process by which we can make that happen in future if we need to.

The QuickText add-on has been marked as incompatible with TB 17 - for at 
least all the versions on AMO (I'm not sure if it covers the .3 
available from the author's site or not).

The author also has a beta version out which appears to resolve the 
issue, so hopefully we'll get a fix within a day.


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