Thunderbird betas - proposal: move to week 2 of a cycle

Kent James (mobile) kent at
Mon Nov 19 16:07:07 UTC 2012

On 11/19/2012 3:35 AM, Mark Banner wrote:
> Hi All,
> With the move to the new release model, and as per the plan, we're 
> still expecting to do new beta releases once per cycle.
> I would like to propose that we move the beta release to the second 
> week of a gecko rapid release cycle - i.e. although Firefox would 
> release a new gecko beta around the same time as a new release point 
> (e.g. 18.0b1 normally comes out a day after 17.0), we'd actually wait 
> a week before building and releasing Thunderbird 18.0b1.
I'm all in favor of moving the beta later, but I had assumed it would be 
even later, like near the end of a rapid release cycle. I've suggested 
that the betas be promoted as an "early adopter" version of Thunderbird. 
If the beta is also an early adopter version, it would be best to have 
the beta as late as possible.

Is there any chance of doing both?  My understanding was that the rate 
of betas was being reduced to conserve resources. Since we agreed to 
drop the mid-year full release, we are using less resources than we were 
originally allocated.  Could we use those resources to have a two beta 
cycle, one at the point you suggested and another at the end of the 
rapid release cycle?

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