Thunderbird betas - proposal: move to week 2 of a cycle

Mark Banner mbanner at
Mon Nov 19 11:35:53 UTC 2012

Hi All,

With the move to the new release model, and as per the plan, we're still 
expecting to do new beta releases once per cycle.

I would like to propose that we move the beta release to the second week 
of a gecko rapid release cycle - i.e. although Firefox would release a 
new gecko beta around the same time as a new release point (e.g. 18.0b1 
normally comes out a day after 17.0), we'd actually wait a week before 
building and releasing Thunderbird 18.0b1.

This idea has been suggested to me a few times, and I'm now thinking it 
would give us some advantages. Here's the list:

  * Any big issues found with Gecko in Firefox's 18.0b1 would likely be
    fixed or at least known, before we produce the Thunderbird 18.0b1
  * If a Thunderbird release, e.g. 17.0 or any other, requires a
    chemspill due to security or stability issues, this may give us
    flexibility around producing a beta to test fixes for the
    security/stability issues if we needed to use the beta
  * Also, wrt chemspills, it would mean that we would not need to
    produce both a 17.0 and 18.0b1 on the week of release, and then
    17.0.1 and 18.0b2 the following week (we'd just do 17.0, 17.0.1 and
  * There would be one less release to track and manage during release week
  * It gives L10n another week for any sign-offs to get their work into
    beta (it'll be continuously integrated anyway, but we do see some
    sign-offs in the first week or so after a merge day)

For Gecko 24, we'd probably move the first beta to the first week again 
(as it will form the release), which will mean a slightly shortened 
Gecko 23 test cycle. However, I don't see a big issue in doing that.

Note that the repository merges would still happen on the same day as 
they do now, i.e. in sync with mozilla-*.

If there's no objections to it, then we'll do betas in the second week 
going forward.


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