Thunderbird and Windows 8

Richard Marti richard.marti at
Sun Nov 18 12:35:24 UTC 2012

On 09.11.2012 18:35, Richard Marti wrote:
> On 09.11.2012 14:17, Vincent wrote:
> > The problem is not only if Thunderbird runs on Win8, but also how it
> > is integrated.
> > For instance it seems that:
> > - there is no special styling for Metro yet, so you'll get the Aero
> > look and feel
> Unfortunately it exists no media query to add special Win8 styles.
> I'm thinking about a Lightweight theme with special  Win8 styles like my
> NoGlass theme.
I've created now a lightweight theme which uses the flat Win8 Desktop
styles. If somebody is interested, you can find it here:

I've also filed a bug for a Win8 media query (Bug 81039) but had until
now no attention. If a Mozilla developer could point some FF/Core
developer to it, it would be great ;-)

Richard [:Paenglab]

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