Governance and Release Model updates

Gervase Markham gerv at
Fri Nov 16 12:04:21 UTC 2012

On 14/11/12 16:21, Kent James wrote:
> I like the way that you expressed this question, Gerv - "does Swanfox
> have a privileged relationship with Mozilla"? The short answer is
> ideally yes. How to do that in a way that is comfortable to Mozilla and
> the Thunderbird community, and viable for the Swanfox contributors, is
> of course a very difficult question. All I can ask for now is an open
> mind. Nobody is agreeing to anything yet, nor will they for months, we
> are just talking.

Yes. I think the worst possible world would be that Swanfox was set up 
based on a particular understanding of what Mozilla would, or would not 
do (technically, organizationally, in terms of brand agreements or 
whatever) and then those expectations were not met. If Swanfox then 
failed, it could be argued that Mozilla had contributed to its downfall 
by being misleading. This would be very unfortunate. So Mozilla needs to 
be cautious in what it promises.

> I think that one thing we can all agree on is that making this happen is
> going to be extremely difficult, and we will need every advantage that
> we can muster.

I suspect that inevitably, at some stage, we will hit a point where 
there will be some advantages that you would like that Mozilla is not 
willing to give you. :-) Go far enough in any direction, and eventually 
you'll hit a river or a fence. So if you are thinking of taking this 
step, an important part of the process is to work out what things you 
would need or like, and how important each is to to you. And then 
Mozilla can look at that list and work out how we can best support you.

This needs to be a process, working from big to little, so you don't put 
in a ton of work preparing things only to find that there's a big piece 
you absolutely need that you can't get.


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