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pascal chevrel pascal.chevrel at free.fr
Thu Nov 15 12:01:46 UTC 2012

Le 14/11/2012 21:38, Eric Moore a écrit :
> Nobody seemed to want to talk about whether anybody who would continue
> to contribute a significant amount of time providing free support or bug
> fixes for Thunderbird would feel like they're a sucker. It would also
> seem to marginalize user communities such as GeckoZone and MozillaZine.

A slightly off topic message since you mentionned Geckozone, sorry :)

Geckozone is in the process of merging its activities with the MozFR 
community which already covers most of Mozilla activities in French 
(among which the localization of Thunderbird). The reasons being that 
the sponsor for their server is shutting down the server by the end of 
the year and that the non-profit organization Geckozone is no longer 
actively maintained.

This has been a long and complex process but the support forums have 
just been migrated (2 days ago) to mozfr.org server here:


There is still a lot of work to do but I think that it is a good thing 
for Thunderbird since it will allow direct collaboration between the 
people in the French community that translate and beta test Thunderbird 
with the people that provide support in forums. This may also give a 
better visibility for Thunderbird in events that Mozfr organizes or 
participate in.

If you are a French speaker (and I know that there are on this list, for 
example people from Linagora), you are highly welcome to get involved in 
MozFR activities to propose activities around Thunderbird and messaging 
in general, the first good step being to contact us on IRC (#mozfr 
channel) and to subscribe to the community mailing list 



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