Re: Governance and Release Model updates

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Wed Nov 14 10:38:31 UTC 2012

> Od: "Gervase Markham" <gerv at>
> Komu: Kent James <kent at>
> Dátum: 14.11.2012 11:05
> Predmet: Re: Governance and Release Model updates
>> I don't see Swanfox as a traditional investor owned organization, but
>> closer to a coop of Thunderbird key contributors.
>I guess the question would be: does Swanfox have a privileged 
>relationship with Mozilla? Having their addons directly promoted inside 
>the Mozilla-shipped product would imply so. I wonder whether Mozilla 
>would be ideologically keener on a "level playing field" model, where 
>any number of companies could provide services around Thunderbird on an 
>equal basis.
>Then again, if we don't even have one such company, there's not much 
>point planning for 10.

There could be a level playing field for all companies. The module owners decide what gets upstreamed. What doesn't can be shipped as addons by the individual companies. Problem would be if a module owner becomea employee of any of the companies.


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