Governance and Release Model updates

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On 13/11/12 15:45, acelists at wrote:
> I understand it that some non-Mozilla organization could collect money and pay developers to create and push code into the existing Mozilla run repositories/release process. But even if this couldn't work, can't Mozilla transfer the branding to some other organization if needed?
I really doubt this would be practical as Mozilla will need to be sure 
the product and brand value remains inline with the mission. But even 
though, my suggestion is that we don't put the cart before the horse: as 
expressed many, many times, I think we need to show there is enough 
innovation to justify such a structure.

Having said that, nothing prevents any one from operating a company 
focused on creating Thunderbird valuable additions and generate revenue 
from it. This is nothing new, really.
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>> Predmet: Re: Governance and Release Model updates
>> Ok. This I understand and agree with.
>> Jb
>> On 13/11/12 15:13, Blake Winton wrote:
>>> I think having a not-Mozilla organization dedicated to enhancing
>>> Mozilla Thunderbird could work out well.  They wouldn't be responsible
>>> for releasing it, but I see no problem with them (say) charging money
>>> to support it in enterprises.  (Or, maybe we could look into a model
>>> like the "Microsoft Solution Providers", where other people build
>>> businesses around the Thunderbird codebase?)
>>> Later,
>>> Blake.
>>> On 13-11-12 6:21 , Jb Piacentino wrote:
>>>> Kent,
>>>> "We need a not-Mozilla organization"... but you still want to be able
>>>> to enjoy the 'Mozilla Thunderbird' brand? Can you please explain how
>>>> you see this happening?
>>>> Jb

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