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Tue Nov 13 14:45:21 UTC 2012

I understand it that some non-Mozilla organization could collect money and pay developers to create and push code into the existing Mozilla run repositories/release process. But even if this couldn't work, can't Mozilla transfer the branding to some other organization if needed?

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> Dátum: 13.11.2012 15:17
> Predmet: Re: Governance and Release Model updates
>Ok. This I understand and agree with.
>On 13/11/12 15:13, Blake Winton wrote:
>> I think having a not-Mozilla organization dedicated to enhancing 
>> Mozilla Thunderbird could work out well.  They wouldn't be responsible 
>> for releasing it, but I see no problem with them (say) charging money 
>> to support it in enterprises.  (Or, maybe we could look into a model 
>> like the "Microsoft Solution Providers", where other people build 
>> businesses around the Thunderbird codebase?)
>> Later,
>> Blake.
>> On 13-11-12 6:21 , Jb Piacentino wrote:
>>> Kent,
>>> "We need a not-Mozilla organization"... but you still want to be able 
>>> to enjoy the 'Mozilla Thunderbird' brand? Can you please explain how 
>>> you see this happening?
>>> Jb

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