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Please see my inline comments.
On 11/11/12 23:01, Vincent wrote:
> Hi,
> About monetization, just wanted to highlight the fact that, in my 
> opinion, there is still a lot to do.
> The NextSend <> case is a good example : we 
> have a French hosting service provider which claim that he would like 
> to do a partnership in order to be integrated in Thunderbird. The only 
> answer that is given to him his: first do an add-on, and then we may 
> consider to do something... In my opinion, Mozilla should have taken 
> more attention to this demand,try to contact him directly by phone or 
> something like this. Maybe it is not possible with the current 
> organization, but it is a pity because some commercials opportunity 
> may be lost (although it  is not too late for NextSend, it seems to me 
> that a lot of time has been waste).
This is not fair: NextSend has come at the eleventh hour, too late to be 
integrated in Thunderbird 17. Next train will be Thunderbird 24, unless, 
we, as a community, decide to do an intermediate release. I think we all 
will be happy to bring NextSend in and negociate their service 
distribution through Thunderbird. I have personally answered NextSend 
and explained this in details, as you very well know.
Also, please consider that when it comes to making the choice between
1) forcing a revenue generating opportunity to the Thunderbird core by 
breaching TB QA policies, to the risk of destabilizing the product,
2) providing _users_ with the same benefits through an addon and not 
making money immediately,
I hope we can all agree that we recommend doing an addon. At least, it's 
my position and has been my decision.
> Developing local partnership with hosting services dedicated to 
> enterprise is in my opinion something good for Thunderbird's future 
> (which could be more famous in the enterprise market) and users (which 
> like to use localize services in Thunderbird, and not only US hosting 
> services).
Re: Enterprise partners, YSI & Box are first and foremost Enterprise 
service providers. I which we had similar choices for email (But it's 
not too late: email providers are added online and can therefore be 
proposed at any time).
I cannot agree more on the need to have local partners. For Filelink, we 
have looked at many local providers, including in France and Germany: 
None considered it worthy enough at that time. Gandi, on the other hand, 
decided they wanted to take the bet, and they're in.

> However, I must admit that I have no idea of the amounts of these 
> partnerships, maybe it is very little and shouldn't worth discussing it?
> Kindest regards,
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