Governance and Release Model updates

neandr at neandr at
Mon Nov 12 11:36:20 UTC 2012

Am Mo 12 Nov 2012 11:35:04 CET schrieb Gervase Markham:
> I don't want to be misunderstood; I was saying that if an organization
> wants to go out and *raise funds for employing people* to develop the
> codebase, I think it would need to be not-Mozilla. But then I point
> out that Postbox tried something like this, and don't seem to have
> done all that well. So I wonder whether it would work.
> However, I'm not saying that I'm in favour of moving Thunderbird the
> product and brand out from the Mozilla umbrella.
>> To avoid the Postbox situation, it really is important that this
>> "organizationally independent of Mozilla-the-organization" entity be at
>> least cooperative with, and ideally highly symbiotic with Thunderbird.

All the time Postbox was released and went thru some improvement cycles 
I was wondering how silent the Thunderbird community was, may be I 
haven't listen to right channels.
Now different voices are pointing to it telling us that experience 
failed .. or is going to fail. If they fail, I think it's like with any 
relation both side have their part. Is it too late to correct? Think 
Postbox has good experience, people .. I'm sure the Thunderbird 
community could win with them.
So I would applaud if Mozilla/Thunderbird consider also to have a closer 
look at their model .. or if there is a possibility for a business 
concept to re-combine both.


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