Governance and Release Model updates

Jonathan Protzenko jonathan.protzenko at
Mon Nov 5 20:23:37 UTC 2012

On 11/02/2012 09:45 PM, Blake Winton wrote:
> On 02-11-12 14:00 , Ben Bucksch wrote:
>> Ownership:
>> Given that Mozilla Corp has removed most funding, and the current 
>> owners can no longer invest as much time, please actively hand over 
>> ownership to volunteer contributors *now*. We have a number of people 
>> who have proven that they are interested in Thunderbird development, 
>> and shown long-term commitment, and proven coding skills and good 
>> judgment. There's no need to wait any further, please approve the new 
>> owners now. I am particularly thinking of aceman and protz, but also 
>> jcramner, rkent and a number of others.
>> I can also see a little bit of fresh air going through TB, good 
>> decisions are made, volunteers focus on valuable things like outgoing 
>> filters. This is great and gives me a bit of hope. But to use that 
>> momentum, we need to put those good contributors actually in charge, 
>> both to allow them to use the momentum they have now, and to keep 
>> them long-term.
> From personal experience, we would be doing them a much larger favour 
> by letting them remain contributors instead of forcing them to take 
> over the code reviews and endless arguing about direction. ;)
> (But, as I've said before, if someone else feels like they want to 
> take over as the UX lead, I would be happy to step down and get back 
> to fixing things. On the other hand, at this point, I'm a volunteer, 
> so perhaps I should keep the role…)
> Which kind of brings me to my main point. Aceman, protz, jcranmer, 
> rkent, do any of you actually want to be the module owners for 
> Thunderbird, or would you rather continue fixing things and driving 
> the direction of Thunderbird by doing the work you're interested in?
I've intentionally stayed out of the discussions so far, but since I'm 
somehow asked for a statement, here it is. I believe it's a little 
premature to engage into big discussions as to what the responsabilities 
of various people should be. What about we let things evolve naturally 
and let people who have enough time step in and contribute as they please ?

As to my personal case, I'm fairly busy right now, so I haven't tackled 
any massive feature work on Thunderbird in the past few months, but as a 
module peer, I make sure that whenever I'm asked for advice / a review, 
I respond in a timely manner.

Therefore, I guess my answer is "please don't make me a module owner as 
it wouldn't change anything in my opinion ; just let me contribute and 
review whenever I have time, and things should sort out by themselves".



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