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Mark Banner mbanner at
Mon Nov 5 11:08:45 UTC 2012

On 02/11/2012 18:00, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> Ownership:
> Given that Mozilla Corp has removed most funding, and the current 
> owners can no longer invest as much time, please actively hand over 
> ownership to volunteer contributors *now*.
I'm not sure if you intended on it sounding like this, however speaking 
generally, because a person moves from full-time to part-time (or not 
paid at all), shouldn't automatically mean they should be pushed 
out/replaced from module ownership.

Personally, as a module owner, I am still committed to helping improve 
Thunderbird, providing guidance, reviews etc. Yes, I may no longer be 
paid to work on Thunderbird full-time, but I would still like to 
continue to offer my skills and experience in my volunteer time. I'll 
admit, that my commitment may change over the next few months or years, 
and if so, I'll take myself off the list.

If, on the other hand, you have a specific concern with one or more 
module owners, please come and discuss it direct with us.

With all that said, I would absolutely love for more people to become 
peers, sub-module owners, and module owners (this has just reminded me 
that I forgot to move your offers forward - that I will do next week). I 
would also say, that if anyone wants to take on more responsibility, 
please feel free to put yourself forward. We in the past have tended to 
ask/suggest people when we feel they have the necessary experience, but 
we've not always noticed as soon as we could do perhaps.

> I can also see a little bit of fresh air going through TB, good 
> decisions are made, volunteers focus on valuable things like outgoing 
> filters. This is great and gives me a bit of hope. But to use that 
> momentum, we need to put those good contributors actually in charge, 
> both to allow them to use the momentum they have now, and to keep them 
> long-term. If the module owners stay as they are right now, TB will 
> soon die a honorable death of old age, instead of using this 
> opportunity to refresh.
I definitely agree there has been some good fresh air, and what I really 
like have been some of the community-lead initiatives like papercuts and 
"the list", where discussions have been held and outcomes reached, these 
didn't need to start, or come from the module owners.

> Money:
> Please define "engagement".
This is really community engagement where we can provide swag (e.g. 
t-shirts, and other things), community meet-ups, and whatever else that 
is reasonable that we can think of would encourage and enhance community 

> "ispdb expected to be brought up to replace the static files for 
> autoconfig."
> I disagree here, I think the static approach using SVN we have right 
> now is more secure for the high-value sites that we currently have.
The issue I have with the static approach is that it is manual process 
that takes up more time than really necessary and is difficult for 
people to hook into (e.g. bugzilla account required, filing a bug, 
working out the format, reviews, checking in etc). With Gaia starting to 
use autoconfig as well as other apps, I am expecting that we may get 
more submissions which will be much easier to handle with an online 
service. Of course, as Blake mentioned, we'll also get the necessary 
security reviews before rolling it out.


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