Governance and Release Model updates

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Fri Nov 2 18:00:30 UTC 2012

OK, my feedback, on 3 points:

Given that Mozilla Corp has removed most funding, and the current owners 
can no longer invest as much time, please actively hand over ownership 
to volunteer contributors *now*. We have a number of people who have 
proven that they are interested in Thunderbird development, and shown 
long-term commitment, and proven coding skills and good judgment. 
There's no need to wait any further, please approve the new owners now. 
I am particularly thinking of aceman and protz, but also jcramner, rkent 
and a number of others.

I can also see a little bit of fresh air going through TB, good 
decisions are made, volunteers focus on valuable things like outgoing 
filters. This is great and gives me a bit of hope. But to use that 
momentum, we need to put those good contributors actually in charge, 
both to allow them to use the momentum they have now, and to keep them 
long-term. If the module owners stay as they are right now, TB will soon 
die a honorable death of old age, instead of using this opportunity to 

Please define "engagement".
I wholly disagree with  the sentence "Therefore, paid-for development 
should not be considered.". I think that development is (apart from 
servers and machines) the most valuable that an open source project can 
invest in. I understand the political side, but the module owners just 
need to agree among themselves, and I think they can.

"ispdb expected to be brought up to replace the static files for 
I disagree here, I think the static approach using SVN we have right now 
is more secure for the high-value sites that we currently have.

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