Thunderbird Account Provisioning and Privacy Policy

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Ina survey last year, wefound that60% of respondents expectedThunderbird 
to provide an email account. In response,we havedesigned a feature that 
makesit easy to create a personalized email address 
fromwithinThunderbird. In a few clicks, a user canend up with 
kirk at enterprise.comas an address,for example.That could of course also 
apply to your family, company or organization... 

Since Mozilla does not offer email service, we have worked with 
international service providers to streamline the process and allow:

1) Suggestions for personalized email addresses
2) Account auto-configuration once the user has subscribed to the email 

The next version of Thunderbird, to be released on June 5th, will 
feature two service providers;Gandi ( and Hover 
( They will be respectively the default providers for 
Europe and North America, as launch partners. They both offer paid email 

In the future, we plan on adding more providers in more geographiesin 
order to beable to offer the signup process in theuser'slanguage.

We would also like to add free email service providers. We are already 
in talkswith some of them, and are ironing out the details to ensure 
aproper level of quality of serviceprivacypolicies.

On the technical side, aset of 
guidelines( is 
available and should facilitate the quick integration of additional 
service providers.

Thisthread is specifically to inform a broader set of community members. 
We believe the feature aligns with our Privacy Principles 
matches user expectations, and moves the         Mozilla Mission forward.
You can try the feature out with Thunderbird Beta builds, available at:

Q: Does Mozilla have any server-side data about which users have picked 
what provider?
A: No.

Q: What email service providers are currently supported?
A: Right now, we're supporting Hover and Gandi. We plan on adding many 
more in the future, in many different geographies, both paid and free.

Q: Can you support service provider X or protocol Y?
A: Any email provider can potentially participate to this feature 
provided that it implements the Thunderbird account provisioning API and 
supports the IMAP protocol.
We also require that a legal agreement is entered between Mozilla and 
this partner, to ensure in particular that the service is provided in a 
way that is aligned with Mozilla's principles.

Q: I already have an email address and don't want a new one. Can I still 
use Thunderbird the same way?

A: The feature is opt-in, and you can still connect to your existing 
email accounts as you always have.

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