Helpwanted - porting the work to use the maintenance service on Windows

Mark Banner mbanner at
Fri May 25 10:29:49 UTC 2012

With the switch to the Firefox automation 
now complete, we're also picking up automated signing of builds 
<>, this should start 
on nightly builds either from today, or Monday.

The side effect of this is that we can now move forward with the 
maintenance service 
on Windows that removes the need for the UAC dialog. This would be a 
good win for our Windows users.

I'm looking to get this done before the 4th June - so that it is in time 
for Thunderbird 15.

I've put details in the bug, most of this work should generally be 
porting the relevant code from mozilla/browser/ to mail/ - there 
shouldn't be any significant redeveloping, here's the bug:

I'm willing to help out with questions, testing etc.

Any takers?

I'm envisioning that we'll pick up the silent updates for TB 16, unless 
someone has time to pick it up before the merge and we're confident that 
there appears to no significant issues in the Firefox version that has 
just re-landed.

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