Thunderbird comm-central automation switch complete

Mark Banner mbanner at
Tue May 8 10:46:46 UTC 2012

On 06/05/2012 21:32, Mark Banner wrote:
> What's different:
>   * New tbpl:
>       o No tinderbox view anymore
>   * Nightly builds are going straight to the new aus server. Only
>     those with the update urls set to the new server will get updates,
>     so if you're on an old Daily build it may take two updates to get
>     to the latest build.
> What's new & broken:
>   * Pretty much the same as for the new try server, except that the
>     pending & running status is working fine.
I forgot a couple of bits:

  * We're not currently generating builds off of mozilla-central pushes.
    This is bug 749108
    <> and will be
    the highest priority to fix once we've got the automation switch
  * Using the self-serve API to create new builds off a revision doesn't
    work (bug 752821), which means it can't be used as a work around to
    the previous bug.
      o However, you can use the '+' symbol for rebuild which will still
        update the mozilla-central revision that a build is based on
        (it'll keep the comm-central revision fixed).


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