Thunderbird comm-central automation switch complete

Mark Banner mbanner at
Sun May 6 20:32:16 UTC 2012

We've now switched the Thunderbird comm-central builders to the new 
automation. Although we've currently got bustage on the tree, we took 
the added risk as we need to get the switch completed by next week.

Linux and Windows builders should be the same currently, however Mac is 
now doing its builds on 10.7 although with the 10.6 sdk so they are 
backwards compatible. Please keep an eye out for issues on trunk.

I'm hoping that we'll be switching comm-aurora probably on Tuesday.

What's different:

  * New tbpl:
      o No tinderbox view anymore
  * Nightly builds are going straight to the new aus server. Only those
    with the update urls set to the new server will get updates, so if
    you're on an old Daily build it may take two updates to get to the
    latest build.

What's new & broken:

  * Pretty much the same as for the new try server, except that the
    pending & running status is working fine.

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