AUS update switch - Daily builds

Mark Banner mbanner at
Thu May 3 20:53:45 UTC 2012

As part of the automation switch, we've just landed a change to update 
the url for the update server for Daily (trunk) builds.

Whilst there should be no visible change for most users, there may be an 
additional delay of about 30 minutes after builds complete before 
updates are available. This will only occur for the next few days until 
we swap the trunk builders to the new automation.

Once the swap of builders occurs, there will be another few days where 
users of the old url will need to update to the latest version before 
picking up the url for the new server. At some stage soon after we'll be 
pointing the old url to the new server, and hence users will get the 
latest version regardless of what build they are on.

This should all be transparent, but if you do see issues with Daily 
builds over the next few days, please file a bug in / 
Release Engineering and mark it as blocking bug 750649.

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