Try server switch complete

Mark Banner mbanner at
Thu May 3 18:44:42 UTC 2012

We've now moved the Try server automation fully over to the systems that 
Firefox has been running on.

For most of it, the experience will be the same - you push to 
try-comm-central, and your builds come out in the same location in 
try-builds. There's a few differences though, so here's the highlights:

What's different:

  * To view the builds use:
      o There is no tinderbox view any more.
  * You will be required to use the try syntax when pushing
    ( This is to help us not
    use all the builders when we don't need to.
      o The builders are dedicated try server builders, but are also
        shared with the Firefox try server.
  * The Mac builds are now being produced on OS X 10.7. They are still
    using the 10.6 sdk and compatible with 10.5. This matches the
    Firefox builders.

What's new:

  * We now have unit tests running on debug builds
  * If you have level 1 access with an LDAP login, then you can access
    the self-serve build api. This gives you:
      o ability to request a rebuild of a specific build (click on the
        build and then click the '+' icon in the middle of the build info).
      o ability to cancel pending/running builds
      o get a list of all the running/pending builds with actions to
        cancel/rebuild them (a link appears on the right when you hover
        over the changesets/builds.
  * We can now dynamically hide builds (those who know the sheriff
    password for tinderbox can do this)
      o You can see the list of hidden builds by going to Tree Info ->
        Open tree admin panel
  * Starring builds with the bug number will post a comment to the bug.

What's broken:

  * The notification emails currently have the wrong links to the builds
    in them (bug 749151
  * Pending & Running builds aren't visible on tbpl (bug 751066
    <> )
  * Notification emails are not sent for failed builds, I suspect this
    may be related to the same issue as the pending & running builds
  * Some of the debug builds and tests are hidden (various bugs, will be
    filing as we go forward)
  * We're still getting start of try build notification emails from the
    old server - this will be dropped when we finish switching the


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