UX Priorities

Wayne Mery (d531) vseerror at Lehigh.EDU
Fri Mar 30 01:12:04 UTC 2012

On 3/29/2012 6:29 AM, Eric Moore wrote:
> Papercuts:
> * Make tabs a first class citizen. There is an option to reuse an
> existing window (rather than opening a new one) when reading new
> messages, but not one for tabs. Provide an option to automatically close
> all message tabs when exiting. Many users like to read messages in tabs
> but don't want to have to clean up after themselves.

great idea

> * (Not in the 3.0 time frame). Hardly anybody seems to use Help ->
> Troubleshooting Information in the support forums. I suspect this is
> because there was too much focus on leveraging the code from Firefox.

So far, the approach has indeed been to extend the Troubleshooting 
information already provided by core. However, I don't see much there 
that is specific to firefox, do you?

I know of one bug report in this area - Bug 643796 - about:support 
indicate folders [near] OS/Thunderbird limits

 > Its needs a redesign. Ideally that redesign should do more than just
 > regurgitate information better. It should provide a way to check if your
 > profile is healthy and (optionally) fix it. For example, do you have
 > corrupt folders. Or get rid of bogus folders such as abook.mab showing
 > up in the folder pane due to somebody breaking the layout of the profile.

"Fixing things" has been discussed at several times the past few years 
There are some areas that may be amenable to repairing to help the user. 
But 1) one risks doing more harm than good, 2) not all things broken are 
worth fixing - because fixing someone's data doesn't necessarily make 
the problem go away or make them less susceptible to future breakage. In 
short, one must be selective in targeting areas to repair.

However, two ideas that have been discussed are not fully implemented:
1. giving users a dashboard so they understand what is in their profile 
and/or message store. The account summary addon is a start in that 
2. suggesting items to a user that may be problematic, and point them to 
helpful documentation.

I'm sure some bug reports exist out there. It would be good to identify 
them, perhaps mark up with whiteboard=[troubleshooting] ?   And file new 
bugs where needed.

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