UX Priorities.

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Tue Mar 27 08:31:35 UTC 2012

All of the below suggestions are great. I might add a few twists here 
and there:

Quick wins:
- Make Opensearch twitter aware 

- Improve search :
     - Unify filter & search
     - merge email & IM (possibly attachment) results  and make them 
visually distinctive
- Filelink: support FTP/S, WebDAV

- Web app in Thunderbird: See WebApp Tabs for a _great_ inspiration
- Leverage WebRTC to handle audio/video calls through VoIP, (Skype ?), 
IM channels


On 23/03/2012 19:24, Blake Winton wrote:
> Hey TB-Planners,
> Now that all the big features are landed, and we have some time to 
> breathe again, I've been thinking a little bit about what we want to 
> do on Thunderbird's front-end over the next couple of releases.
> Here's the list, in the order I think they should be (highest priority 
> to lowest priority):
>   * Papercuts!  (Fix the easy little things that are making
>     Thunderbird worse to use.)
>       o Things like the tab you go to after closing the current tab
>         (bug 508776).
>       o Maybe some UX Priorities
>         <https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=product%3Athunderbird+whiteboard%3A[UXPrio]>.
>   * Clean up the landed features.
>       o Have an easier way to add and remove OpenSearch providers.
>   * Compose in a tab.
>       o Also address book in a tab.
>   * Attachment tab.
>   * Social Search.
>       o Extend OpenSearch to social networks.
>       o Also
>         http://mozillalabs.com/blog/2012/03/experimenting-with-social-features-in-firefox/
>   * Thunderbird Button.
>       o I think that we might want to skip a UI-refresh and go
>         straight to the Australis Menu Button instead, but there's
>         still work to be done here figuring out what functions to make
>         available on the toolbar, and on this button.
>   * Address Book.
>       o re-design as a web-app, possibly targeting Mobile first...
>       o This seems important and useful, but it's also a very large
>         task, and I think I'ld like the front-end team to work on some
>         smaller stuff for a little while.
>   * Perspectives!
>       o Could include a Facebook-ish Timeline view.
>       o This is even more important for the future, but it's also a
>         very large task which I think will take a long time to pay
>         off, so it falls in the same bucket as the Address Book for me.
> I would like people to respond with suggestions on things I've missed, 
> as well as what they would change about the order, and reasons why.
> I plan on presenting the list, and the feedback, at the Product 
> Council meeting next Thursday.
> Thanks,
> Blake.
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