UX Priorities.

Blake Winton bwinton at mozilla.com
Fri Mar 23 18:24:59 UTC 2012

Hey TB-Planners,

Now that all the big features are landed, and we have some time to 
breathe again, I've been thinking a little bit about what we want to do 
on Thunderbird's front-end over the next couple of releases.

Here's the list, in the order I think they should be (highest priority 
to lowest priority):

  * Papercuts!  (Fix the easy little things that are making Thunderbird
    worse to use.)
      o Things like the tab you go to after closing the current tab (bug
      o Maybe some UX Priorities
  * Clean up the landed features.
      o Have an easier way to add and remove OpenSearch providers.
  * Compose in a tab.
      o Also address book in a tab.
  * Attachment tab.
  * Social Search.
      o Extend OpenSearch to social networks.
      o Also
  * Thunderbird Button.
      o I think that we might want to skip a UI-refresh and go straight
        to the Australis Menu Button instead, but there's still work to
        be done here figuring out what functions to make available on
        the toolbar, and on this button.
  * Address Book.
      o re-design as a web-app, possibly targeting Mobile first...
      o This seems important and useful, but it's also a very large
        task, and I think I'ld like the front-end team to work on some
        smaller stuff for a little while.
  * Perspectives!
      o Could include a Facebook-ish Timeline view.
      o This is even more important for the future, but it's also a very
        large task which I think will take a long time to pay off, so it
        falls in the same bucket as the Address Book for me.

I would like people to respond with suggestions on things I've missed, 
as well as what they would change about the order, and reasons why.

I plan on presenting the list, and the feedback, at the Product Council 
meeting next Thursday.


Blake Winton   Thunderbird User Experience Lead
bwinton at mozilla.com

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