Program Compatibility Assistant issue - call for testing

Mike Conley mconley at
Sat Jun 2 19:51:32 UTC 2012

Just installed TB 13b4 on my Mom's Windows 7 machine, and I didn't get 
any compatibility assistant dialog errors after setting TB to be the 
default mail client.

Of course, I can't *guarantee* that this machine hasn't had TB on it 
before - it's didn't when I started, but it's possible I once installed 
it temporarily to test something a few months back.

Anyhow, there's one data point.


On 12-06-02 2:53 PM, Mark Banner wrote:
> Hi folks,
> We're currently trying to assess an issue that we've picked up on in the
> TB 13 beta builds. Here's the bug:
> What we'd really like to know is for completely fresh installs (i.e.
> never installed before) of Thunderbird 13.0b4 on Windows 7, when setting
> the default mail client, are we getting the compatibility assistant
> dialog giving an error, or does it not appear? Also, if it is a
> regression from Thunderbird 12 or if Thunderbird 12 and 11 had the
> problem as well.
> I realise most people will have Thunderbird installed already, but I'm
> hoping some people might have clean virtual machines etc.
> Mark.
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