Proposal: Thunderbird for Tablet

Tanstaafl tanstaafl at
Tue Jul 31 17:50:35 UTC 2012


Would it be prudent, seeing as some of the main issues with Thunderbird 
will apparently require a lot of work/major pain, to have a long term 
goal of totally rewriting the Thunderbird UI but using the B2G 
libraries? Would that be a roundabout method for bringing Thunderbird 
back into the Mozilla fold proper?

Or is that just insanity?

On 2012-07-31 1:12 PM, Andrew Sutherland <asutherland at> 
> I would strongly suggest considering using the B2G e-mail client
> libraries that are under development with a different UI rather than
> trying to port Thunderbird. Since it's entirely implemented in HTML and
> JS with the TCP API being the only privileged/non-standard API, it can
> be embedded in PhoneGap/Cordova-like environments or run on gecko on
> other platforms. The TCP API is currently being moved into
> mozilla-central/dom/ from mozilla-central/b2g/, so it should be
> available to all Gecko implementations when it does land.
> The API such a UI would be programmed against is:
> The phone UI's implementation is here, noting that both the back-end
> libs and UI are under extremely active development are not remotely at a
> feature parity with Thunderbird, nor is feature parity with Thunderbird
> a goal:
> If you go ahead with Thunderbird, it's important to keep in mind that
> for responsiveness, Mobile Firefox uses a separate process for content
> rendering. I don't see an easy way to accomplish something similar given
> Thunderbird's architectural requirement for so much activity to happen
> on the main thread. On the other hand, maybe it's fine.
> Andrew

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