Module Updates for Thunderbird and Mailnews Core

Mark Banner mbanner at
Tue Jul 31 11:49:00 UTC 2012

A few weeks ago, David Bienvenu and I (as Module owners) along with 
Blake, undertook a review of the current MailNews Core 
<> and Thunderbird 
<> code modules to bring 
them up to date.

I've just finished updating the wiki pages, so I'm very pleased to announce:

  * Mike Conley has agreed to take ownership of the Address Book
    sub-module from myself (for both Mailnews Core and Thunderbird).
    Mike has done some good work in that area and is more up to date on
    it than I am. I will still remain as a peer.
  * Mike has also agreed to head up a new 3-pane and standalone message
    views sub-module, which is a combination of about 5 sub-modules that
    we previously had that didn't make much sense to be separate. sid0,
    bienvenu, asuth and squib are peers of this sub-module.
  * Florian Quèze is heading up a new Instant Messaging sub-module, with
    Patrick Cloke as peer. This is alongside the main Chat module
  * Andreas Nilsson and Richard Marti have taken over ownership of the
    Theme sub-module from Blake Winton. Blake remains as peer and is
    joined by Mike there.
  * Joshua Cranmer and Jim Porter are now peers of the MIME Parser

I'd also like to say a big thank you to Phil Ringnalda who has been a 
peer of the Thunderbird module from at least somewhere around the 
Thunderbird 3 time if not before, but has decided to step down as he 
hasn't been active for a while.

The module owner and peer roles are defined in the ownership document 
<> where you can 
find out more about the roles and duties.

If you want to look at the full set of changes we've made, you can find 
the history here:


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