Security releases: How long?

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Tue Jul 31 11:12:41 UTC 2012

On 23.07.2012 12:41, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> Hello JB and Mitchell Baker,
> I have asked it a few times in various other emails, but gotten no 
> response to it. I really really need this question answered, because 
> it decides what we have to do now, today.
> How long will Mozilla Foundation/Corporation, using paid staff, 
> provide security updates to Thunderbird, in terms of years and 
> decades? This includes making the required changes to Thunderbird to 
> adapt to Gecko / Mozilla platform changes, which is considerable work.
> Users need assurance that they will still have a email client without 
> security holes in e.g. 5 years. If the future is not guaranteed 
> long-term, we need to start building a new one now, so being concrete 
> here is important.
> Thank you,
> Ben Bucksch

So, one week later, there has been no concrete answer to my post, which 
I find very disheartening, when long-time contributors with critically 
important questions are just being ignored.

I did find this statement on a blog, though, which I want to post here 
for completeness:

"b: Yes of course. We have a solid plan to support Thunderbird until the 
second half of 2013 and are discussing how we support it beyond that date."

So, in essence, this is the concrete reply I was looking for: Mozilla 
promises only 1 year of security support and releases, and after that 
the future is uncertain.

As for "we ... are discussing": Where?

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