Papercuts: status and a top 10 list from the wiki

Kent James kent at
Fri Jul 27 19:13:01 UTC 2012

It’s been now a couple of weeks since we started to collect nominations 
for papercut bugs at I’d 
like to summarize where I think that we are, and propose some steps forward.

After several people suggested that we slow down, and also discouraged 
any public statements, I personally held back and instead re-engaged 
with the bug process myself. During this time I have been championing 3 
bugs that I think are important to many people. Let me report on this, 
as I think it typifies in some ways what we need to do.

1) [Bug 659355] Cannot open PDF attachment in some mails (Content-Type: 
=?windows-1252?q?application/pdf): I took over an existing patch, 
cleaned it up and wrote unit tests for it, and have been driving people 
to make the decisions needed to actually land this.

2) [Bug 653342] CJK(Chinese, Japanese, Korean): extra space is inserted 
within text in mail … : Knowing nothing about the issues here, I 
encouraged :hiro to move this forward. He started, then recruited mkato, 
and there has been movement to fix the underlying issues.

3) [Bug 11039] Filter outgoing messages: Progress on this was blocked a 
couple of years ago because of UI issues. :aceman and I extracted the UI 
issues into a separate "[Bug 775665] Change Filter Context UI to 
checkboxes", and :aceman and xzer are trying to move forward with that.

So what the anecdotal evidence from my little hiatus is telling me is 
that championing bugs can be more effective than actually doing bugs.

Turning now to the papercuts nomination page, it took me many hours to 
review all of the nominated bugs, and decide where to put my votes. A 
number of other people also reviewed the list and voted for other 
people’s bugs. I’d like to honor that effort by giving a list of bugs 
that have been noted most frequently. They are:

bug 772796 Deleting quotes causes preformats to be deleted

bug 570787 Global Search: "Open as list" Results should show location 
column by default

bug 528044 Global search: "Show/Open as list" results view does not 
remember columns

bug 539468 Message list does not scroll to show new message until you scroll

bug 567240 Cursor does not blink when replying

bug 136502 Provide prefs. setting to turn off Options -> Format -> 

I’m also going to use my discretion and add a few more bugs from the 
nominations that have 1) high interest in BMO, 2) only need some push to 
get completed. They are:

bug 92165 cannot rename a local folder to its current name with 
different case

bug 11039 allow existing filters to be applied on outgoing mails

bug 653342 CJK(Chinese, Japanese, Korean): extra space is inserted 
within text in mail

bug 536768 Storing junk filter settings broken for deferred email account

So there you have it, my top 10 list! I will be championing these bugs, 
and I urge others (in the spirit of cooperation with the project and the 
community) to also champion these bugs in the short run.

Given this list, I think it may be best to retire the Papercuts wiki 
page rather then let it linger on forever as a half-done project. That 
wiki was not easy to work with, though overall if we get a few bugs 
landed that are important to people, it has been useful. But we need a 
better long-term process, and that should be the subject of a separate 

So let's work on these to start with, and also develop a sustainable 
process for the future.


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