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Wed Jul 25 09:39:35 UTC 2012

I have added my wishes. Hope that they could be considered as papercut,
don't hesitate to tell if it is not the case.

I am also wondering if we shouldn't think of what add-on should be
implemented directly in Thunderbird in order to avoid to reinvent the weel.

I am thinking of:

   1. Lightning (of sure)
   2. The import vCard 3.0 file format function of
   3. Highlight Text <>
   4. fgPrinters (this is already in

Maybe you have others idea?

2012/7/24 Mihovil Stanić <mihovil.stanic at>

> Hi all,
> Deleted all self votes on**
> Thunderbird/Papercuts#**Papercut_nominations<>since if you nominated bug it's considered that you are voting for it.
> I don't think Mozilla Wiki is good place for voting since it's so hard to
> edit. Not pure html and not wysiwyg, but it's better then nothing.
> If you don't have access to wiki (which you can get without problems, just
> register) you can send your suggestions and votes here, and hopefuly
> someone will edit page for you. :)
> Just keep it in some easy understadable format like
> Vote - bug 123456
> Nomination - bug 123456
> Best regards,
> Mihovil
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