Security releases: How long?

Kent James kent at
Tue Jul 24 20:32:58 UTC 2012

On 7/24/2012 12:58 PM, Karsten Düsterloh wrote:
> Kent James aber hob zu reden an und schrieb:
>> there seems to be some hope that a core of dedicated free-as-in-beer
>> volunteers are going to emerge to do the heavy lifting.
> I'm still rather amazed by this idea — why should anyone step in exactly
> now without being involved before? It's not as if the developer masses
> came running towards TB in the past and got pushed away …
There are a number of people actively involved (many of which just 
quietly do patches without participating in the discussions here) but 
nowhere near enough to replace the ~15 people who are currently on the 
Thunderbird team. They, along with some continuing Mozilla commitment, 
will keep Thunderbird viable for at least a few more years.

Yet I believe that Thunderbird is a great product that could do better, 
but not one in alignment with current Mozilla culture.

In my sweet dreams, a group of people arise that will take over the 
leadership of Thunderbird, and move it forward with a different culture. 
That would need to involve methods of monetization, and a community that 
is independent of but cooperative with Mozilla. I believe that a number 
of us are thinking of these ideas right now.

In my nightmares, Mozilla holds tightly to Thunderbird, preferring that 
it die within their culture rather than live elsewhere. I should also 
add that I have no reason to believe that Mozilla will purposely allow 
this to happen, so we the community need to act together to prevent this.


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