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Anne-Marie Bourcier abourcier at mozilla.com
Tue Jul 24 19:19:28 UTC 2012


I wouldn't be that radical. We hit the +500 answers for each language 
within about 3 days after we launched it which means many users have 
seen it.
In fact,  the Start Page channel twisted the profile of users (we don't 
know which % of users change the start page), you will notice that the 
users profile, usage of IM and so on is not disconnected from the rest 
of the world.

The volume of respondents, the fact that data are really consistent 
across EN, Fr, Ger in particular shows that it's not 100% fantasy. Not 
having a database with the email of our users doesn't help ;-)


On 24/07/2012 02:40, neandr at gmx.de wrote:
> Am 24.07.2012 00:05, schrieb Anne-Marie Bourcier:
>> I want to re-highlight the fact that the survey has been answered by 
>> users who are still using the TB Start Page as their default page, it 
>> means users who are eventually not techies. (If you want to see the 
>> current design of the default page, go to Tools - Options - General - 
>> Click "default").
>> AM
> Maybe there're not such much users seeing the "Start" page as you think.
> AFAIK for the start page you need to switch-on the preview on the 
> mail3pane . If you haven't you will not see that "Start page" at all!
> Also with setups opening a user/add-on info on a separate TAB, the 
> start start page will not show up.
> Also is there a method a user can call the Start Page  during a 
> session? AFAIK: no!
> So the good intension to communicate with the "standard" users seems 
> to fail.
> Günter

Anne Marie Bourcier
Mozilla Thunderbird

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