Security releases: How long?

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> On 7/24/2012 6:06 AM, Ben Bucksch wrote:
>> This is what Mozilla Corporation promised to do for the time being.
>> What I need to know is how long (how many years) they commit to do
>> that. Because if that ends in 2 years, we need to find a solution now
>> already, because getting the solution in place (e.g. finding sponsors)
>> can take a long time.
>> Ben 
> As I read the tea leaves, Mozilla is committed to maintaining the
> product for an additional year (through the TB 17 ESR cycle) with no
> firm commitment one way or the other after that. (And perhaps by stating
> this I'll spark a correction from them with more details).
> I believe that you and I are in agreement that Thunderbird has a great
> potential future as a product, but that future requires a firm financial
> underpinning. I fear though that this message is counter cultural within
> Mozilla, where there seems to be some hope that a core of dedicated
> free-as-in-beer volunteers are going to emerge to do the heavy lifting.

But even if they emerged I am not sure Mozilla even provides enough
people to do reviews for the volunteers :)


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