Security releases: How long?

Kent James kent at
Tue Jul 24 18:58:09 UTC 2012

On 7/24/2012 6:06 AM, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> This is what Mozilla Corporation promised to do for the time being. 
> What I need to know is how long (how many years) they commit to do 
> that. Because if that ends in 2 years, we need to find a solution now 
> already, because getting the solution in place (e.g. finding sponsors) 
> can take a long time.
> Ben 
As I read the tea leaves, Mozilla is committed to maintaining the 
product for an additional year (through the TB 17 ESR cycle) with no 
firm commitment one way or the other after that. (And perhaps by stating 
this I'll spark a correction from them with more details).

I believe that you and I are in agreement that Thunderbird has a great 
potential future as a product, but that future requires a firm financial 
underpinning. I fear though that this message is counter cultural within 
Mozilla, where there seems to be some hope that a core of dedicated 
free-as-in-beer volunteers are going to emerge to do the heavy lifting.


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