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* Kent James <kent at caspia.com>:
> On 7/23/2012 11:43 AM, Patrick Ben Koetter wrote:
> >That's our experience too. We've deployed Thunderbird at various German
> >organizsations and all of them were interested into Thunderbird because it
> >gets close to Outlook PIM.
> >
> >p at rick
> So why do they use Thunderbird instead of Outlook?

Simply because they need a client that works on more than one platform. They
could use different clients, but that increases support and deployment costs
to mention only those two.

Thunderbird has many shortcomings regarding enterprise usage: Addressbook,
Calendaring and remote control/configuration are among the ones we miss the

I've heared a few times that Mozilla only targeted private users, when they
thought of Thunderbird feature development. That's something I never
understood, because enterprise licences certainly would have paid developing
enterprise features. 

Our customers would have been willing to pay for Thunderbird licenses if it had
had serious enterprise features or if it had helped to get them. Inquiries on
funding sadly found no response.

Given current official statements and the absence of replies regarding
questions about TBs future two years from now it will not take long before
they will turn away and go look for an alternative desktop client they can
invest in. I have first hand information that a web client is not an
alternative for reasons I have posted in a previous message.

p at rick

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