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Mon Jul 23 04:44:05 UTC 2012

Yes and it even seems to cause resetting of the columns in the message list pane so even people like me have it disabled.

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> Predmet: Re: feedback /voting
>> Seriously however, I think that we should consider using test pilot for
>> the feed back/voting part.  While we are all talking with the best of
>> intentions, might it not be quite illuminating if we actually ask the
>> user base in terms of  "if you could have 5 changes to Thunderbird in
>> the next year, which of the following would you choose?" and include a
>> "don't change anything" option
>> Matt
>The consensus (and normal advice) in the MozillaZine forums is to 
>uninstall TestPilot because it degrades performance. Some users 
>uninstall it because they don't trust that it only reports what it is 
>supposed to (due to bugs). It also requires Thunderbird 8.0 or later 
>which means you'd disenfranchise all users that stuck with 3.1.* due to 
>the chaos caused by the "rapid development process".
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