feedback /voting

Eric Moore tanstaafl at
Sun Jul 22 20:45:13 UTC 2012

> Seriously however, I think that we should consider using test pilot for
> the feed back/voting part.  While we are all talking with the best of
> intentions, might it not be quite illuminating if we actually ask the
> user base in terms of  "if you could have 5 changes to Thunderbird in
> the next year, which of the following would you choose?" and include a
> "don't change anything" option
> Matt

The consensus (and normal advice) in the MozillaZine forums is to 
uninstall TestPilot because it degrades performance. Some users 
uninstall it because they don't trust that it only reports what it is 
supposed to (due to bugs). It also requires Thunderbird 8.0 or later 
which means you'd disenfranchise all users that stuck with 3.1.* due to 
the chaos caused by the "rapid development process".

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