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>>     Also, if the numbers in that PDF are to be believed...Skype is the most popular
>>     and they're not much fun to integrate with. :)
>     But probably also most rewarding as they support voice as their main medium; I
>     think this would be a good project for an Add-on, not for core. Why not ask the
>     Skype developers to write one?
> I doubt Skype (aka Microsoft) would have much interest in integrating.
Didn't know Skype was owned by them. gosh. :S
> But they do have an API actually (DBUS on Linux and via window messages or something 
> on Windows).  It would be possible to use that to integrate with a running Skype 
> instance.
We need some pots for the various possible projects - this one I would put into the 
Add-Ons pot; definitely not core.
>>     About IM in email clients in general...I agree with Vincent that I find it
>>     extremely beneficial for work.  It's less intrusive than calling, but more
>>     immediate than email. Having the presence information is nice if you want to
>>     walk down to someone's office, although opening up the actual contact list
>>     shows that as well. 
>     Contact list of /*what*/? Is Thunderbird supporting presence already? Or are you
>     talking about the other IM clients?
> Thunderbird 15 will include chat.  Presence will be shown in email headers (I think, 
> it's Thunderbird 16 + approval for aurora 
> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=763522).
Coool! (when it works)
> I was actually referring to using Outlook + Lync here though, but really my point 
> was just that it's useful when you receive an email to know what that person is 
> currently doing (can you call, IM, stop by or email them back).
Yesss! Thunderbird gets at least 50% more useful with that - well in a group /working 
/environment, that is. Thing is, I don't make a habit of firing up my chat client on 
my private machine (partly because I am spoiled for choice - YM? MSN? Skype?), but if 
it was just a switch in Tb, I would very likely have it running all day.

>     And you could potentially later on /"bolt on"/ screen sharing, which is a hugely
>     expanding market. Has anybody of you guys tried teamViewer
>     <http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx>? It's the fastest that I have tried so
>     far...
> This is kind of off topic I guess, but Lync includes support for screen sharing 
> now.  It seems to work OK.
Except (to my big chagrin) it doesn't when you are on RDC. I am RDC-ing into my 
company laptop (because I am allergic to docking stations?) so I can't share my screen 
via Office Communicator :( using join.me sometimes but it's really not very fast.
> There are many features that can be supported via IM though (potentially voice, 
> video, white boarding, screen sharing...just to name a few).  Luckily both the IRC 
> and XMPP implementations in Instantbird/Thunderbird are fairly extensible.
double cool. Is there a plan to integrate a thin client IRC out of the box (rather 
than having to bolt on chatZilla)? That would be the most useful for me personally. At 
the moment I am using chatZilla via SM to keep my Thunderbird profile "cleanish".
> And we'll definitely encourage that for any other protocols added to chat/ (anyone 
> want to make a SIP/SIMPLE implementation?) :)
there might be some scope in papercuts here? Don't know how much work is involved. We 
need some interns for this kind of work!! ;)


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