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> Le 20/07/2012 08:51, Vincent a écrit :
>> Interesting study... Quite frightening for Thunderbird's future to see how old is 
>> our user-base...
> Define 'old'!
> The study says that the majority of users are more than 35year old, the median age 
> of the European population is more than 40:
> http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0a/Median_age.png
> The western world is aging (and life expectancy is also increasing), I would have 
> been surprised to learn that users of Thunderbird do not reflect the population the 
> study was conducted in, that leads to the interestring point that a lot of people in 
> the computing industry design and market their product for a population that is 
> probably a minority of the market (that probably explains why most of the web pages 
> are written so small, damn young designers! ;) )
with age, comes also higher awareness of quality, so think this is A Good Thing. Let 
young people write about how their cat rolled over in 140 letters :) on facebook / 
they're not necessarily the target audience of desktop mail anyway.

Axel - jeez, only 4 years to the big five oh; I don't feel /that/ old.

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