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> 2012/7/20 Gervase Markham <gerv at mozilla.org <mailto:gerv at mozilla.org>>
>     It seems to me that the evidence is that IM/social integration is not a
>     heavily-desired feature, and people have trouble understanding what that
>     might even mean. Is that a fair conclusion from the data?
>     That doesn't mean people shouldn't do it, necessarily, but it does mean
>     that it would need careful defining of use cases and explanation of
>     benefits.
> From my own experience in various big French organizations, IM was never used, so it 
> is sure that it is not very popular... Except in an US society (Delphi, part of 
> General Motors) which was using Windows messengers with Outlook. I (and all other 
> people at Delphi) have really appreciated this, because it allows a complementary 
> communication with email (for some things that need little and kick answer, IM is 
> the best, and it is not as disturbing as a phone call, ie you can use it with 
> someone in a meeting).
that's so true - at avaya, we are using Communicator, which also integrates nicely 
with outlook (you can see online status of addressees when writing emails / sending 
> So I am quite sure that it could have some success if it is well integrated in 
> Thunderbird.
yes, and it should probably also run in a stand-alone window? I am sure this is 
technically possible without showing the main Tb UI and without installing a separate 
executable - would it be hard to pull off?

btw facebook chat already runs quite nicely on Tb, so no more facebook site visits 
necessary. thank gods!


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