TB End Users survey - do not distribute

Tanstaafl tanstaafl at libertytrek.org
Fri Jul 20 09:46:17 UTC 2012

On 2012-07-20 3:21 AM, Nomis101 <Nomis101 at web.de> wrote:
> Am 20.07.12 01:33, schrieb Anne-Marie Bourcier:
>> End of last year, we conducted an end-users survey on our installed
>> base. We are pleased to share the complete results with you today.
> This are interesting results. The first thing I didn't expect is, that
> it seems there are more users of TB in germany than in usa. I had
> expected the opposite. The next thing I was surprised is the huge number
> of windows users compared to other users, and especially that it seems
> there are more linux users than Mac users. I didn't know that mac users
> of TB are such a minority (maybe they most use Apple Mail). So it seems
> we need to get more attractive to Mac users.

Don't you think it makes more sense to try to cater to your *largest* 
user base rather than the *smallest*?

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