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Vincent el.cameleon.1 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 09:39:20 UTC 2012

2012/7/20 Gervase Markham <gerv at mozilla.org>

> It seems to me that the evidence is that IM/social integration is not a
> heavily-desired feature, and people have trouble understanding what that
> might even mean. Is that a fair conclusion from the data?
> That doesn't mean people shouldn't do it, necessarily, but it does mean
> that it would need careful defining of use cases and explanation of
> benefits.

>From my own experience in various big French organizations, IM was never
used, so it is sure that it is not very popular... Except in an US society
(Delphi, part of General Motors) which was using Windows messengers with
Outlook. I (and all other people at Delphi) have really appreciated this,
because it allows a complementary communication with email (for some things
that need little and kick answer, IM is the best, and it is not as
disturbing as a phone call, ie you can use it with someone in a meeting).

So I am quite sure that it could have some success if it is well integrated
in Thunderbird.

Vincent (caméléon)
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