TB End Users survey - please be careful with conclusions!

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> Am 20.07.12 01:33, schrieb Anne-Marie Bourcier:
>> End of last year, we conducted an end-users survey on our installed
>> base. We are pleased to share the complete results with you today.
> This are interesting results. The first thing I didn't expect is, that
> it seems there are more users of TB in germany than in usa. I had
> expected the opposite.
why? I think it reflects the Firefox market share. *And Germans are very, very privacy 
aware so there is a tendency to trust Fx more than chrome.
>   The next thing I was surprised is the huge number
> of windows users compared to other users,
hmm, no surprise there. if you look at the cost of entry level hardware, windows users 
have an advantage.
> and especially that it seems there are more linux users than Mac users.
Again, not too surprising as a lot of linux distros bundle Thunderbird; what mail 
clients does Mac OS bundle?
> I didn't know that mac users
> of TB are such a minority (maybe they most use Apple Mail). So it seems
> we need to get more attractive to Mac users.
Are you referring to page 11?

It seems to me your conclusions are wrong :)

Since the survey makes no claim on overall market share of Mac users vs Windows users, 
and also doesn't state that the numbers are normalized against this, this is likely 
just a reflection of the overall number of Mac users in these countries. We got to be 
very careful with numbers from statistics like this it is easy to jump to the wrong 

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