Thunderbird future -- the big picture?

Paul Morris paul at
Thu Jul 19 16:19:17 UTC 2012

I was wondering the same thing, and posted this speculation as a comment 
on some of the recent blog posts:

So... Firefox OS (aka Boot2Gecko) will have an HTML5+JS email app that's 
basically an open web app, and I would speculate that Mozilla could 
eventually also offer a version of it for the desktop, available free 
from the Mozilla Marketplace. It would make a great flagship HTML5 app, 
demonstrating the viability of offline storage and offline use, etc.

That way they would eventually be able to have a single email-app 
codebase, that's cross-platform, for (1) the desktop, (2) their mobile 
Firefox OS, and (3) other mobile platforms too (Android, iOS). You could 
use the same Mozilla email app on your computer, phone, tablet, etc. As 
an HTML5 app it would easily tie into all the work they're doing on 
identity, social, sharing, contacts, sync, etc.

Maybe the code could also be adapted for use by ISPs (and self-hosters) 
to provide webmail interfaces?

This approach basically lines up with the earlier Raindrop labs project 
(and integrating other web-based forms of messaging with email), and the 
focus on integration across products of the Kilimanjaro project.  Not to 
mention all the emphasis on "the web is the platform." In the process 
they would get to start over rather than having to keep working with 
Thunderbird’s older codebase.

So that's just my speculation about where the big-picture future might go...


neandr wrote:
> Following all the postings about the recent Mozilla TB announcement I 
> missing a discussion about the "Big Picture" Mozilla has in mind.
> First let me state: I'm a Thunderbird fan, working with 'it' since the 
> Netscape days, also in one of the big  international IT companies 
> (instead of using OL!). So I hope we'll have a bright future with a 
> Mozilla mail product.
> Things are changing, communication has more facets these days, the 
> internet communication methods offer much more possibilities. Has 
> Thunderbird changed / evolved to meet those requirements?
> We have seen Raindrop some times ago. Visit those project pages today: 
> "This project is considered inactive."
> I remember there have been other discussions to enhance Thunderbird 
> for newer communications methods. Any news on that?  Not really?
> Can we expect a move to an implementation of the other methods of 
> communications into Firefox (see Raindrop)? How will react Mozilla to 
> support the Social Connections ? Will they leave it others (Android)? 
> How about Boot2Gecko? Will it offer mail, Social Connections, etc ?
> So, what is Mozillas "Big Picture", the discussion behind the scene? 
> My feeling: the statement was not the complete story!
> Günter
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