Thunderbird future -- the big picture?

neandr neandr at
Thu Jul 19 14:43:45 UTC 2012

Following all the postings about the recent Mozilla TB announcement I 
missing a discussion about the "Big Picture" Mozilla has in mind.

First let me state: I'm a Thunderbird fan, working with 'it' since the 
Netscape days, also in one of the big  international IT companies 
(instead of using OL!). So I hope we'll have a bright future with a 
Mozilla mail product.

Things are changing, communication has more facets these days, the 
internet communication methods offer much more possibilities. Has 
Thunderbird changed / evolved to meet those requirements?

We have seen Raindrop some times ago. Visit those project pages today:
"This project is considered inactive."

I remember there have been other discussions to enhance Thunderbird for 
newer communications methods. Any news on that?  Not really?

Can we expect a move to an implementation of the other methods of 
communications into Firefox (see Raindrop)? How will react Mozilla to 
support the Social Connections ? Will they leave it others (Android)? 
How about Boot2Gecko? Will it offer mail, Social Connections, etc ?

So, what is Mozillas "Big Picture", the discussion behind the scene? My 
feeling: the statement was not the complete story!


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