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> On 7/17/2012 7:22 AM, Axel Grude wrote:
>> Following up: What's the status of papercuts?
>> Since replacing the complete composer is probably to big a task for the scope of papercuts I would like to discuss a number of enhancements to enhance the current (html) composer functionality:
>> Color Selection
>> Bug 453853 - Unable to set hex value for background color in the color picker 
>> I would like to rename this to (upgrade color picker to allow         more color selections). Unfortunately I do not have Thunderbird bugzilla admin rights, and maybe there is another bug on this elsewhere [I searched for Tb/Compose + {color picker} and for Tb/Compose + {colors} ]?
>> A quick way would probably be if we could include rainbowpicker into the core code (obviously after asking its author)?
> Well, you can edit the hex after you pick a basic color, but a better direct selection would be nice.
Is it really needed to select an exact hex color in an email? How many times do you need to do that? I think it would be sufficient to pick a more eye-friendly pallette. I have a core bug open to allow specifying a pallette via attribute and some code in WiP. Maybe I'm missing something here though.

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